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"The most important opinions that matter, are those of our client's."
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“We are deeply indebted to our clients, colleagues and peers in the hockey community who have taken the time over the years to pass along a kind word about our hockey frames.
Thank you all so much for the kind and gracious words, it is greatly appreciated. We will continually strive to better serve our clients with innovation, quality & player safety!”

Graz Carretta

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    "In an industry based on relationships and trust it was refreshing to meet the team behind Hockey Net Canada. It was obvious from our first meeting that this product was a labour of love first and a business second. It was an easy decision to agree to be a part of the product testing and to ultimately become a client.

    In a building that operates 365 days a year hosting multiple events requiring wholesale building conversions anything that keeps our operators happy is a good thing. Staff at Hershey feel these nets are easier to handle than traditional nets while the overall design is safer with what we feel will be an increased useable life span. Less maintenance in a busy facility is something we strive for daily and this product appears to offer just that.

    Less maintenance, increased durability and ease of use mean better value for our stakeholders, all things we strive for in a bottom line-oriented industry. We are happy to be one of the first users and look forward to a long relationship with Hockey Net Canada."

    Mike Hamilton

    Executive Director

    Hershey Centre/Hershey Sports Zone

    SMG (Canada) ULC

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    "The design of the Hockey Net Canada’s professional hockey net goal frame is very well thought out. The wear plate offers arena owners a tremendous cost-effective solution for hockey nets. Implementation of square tubing adds greater strength and stability which eliminates the middle bar – the frames are much safer now, especially for our youth players in our development programs.

    Two rows of net tie bar ribbing provide a very strong attachment for the mesh and lower guard cushion which adds a greater life span to these products. In addition, former playing colleagues have commented on the neat clean appearance of the hockey net and how it better defines goal scoring target areas.

    Thank you Graz, we look forward to the continued use of your hockey nets throughout all of our facilities."

    Wes Jarvis

    Co-Owner of National Training Rinks (former NHL player)

    Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

  • testimonial-02

    "Graz Carretta has created a true innovation in professional hockey goal frames."

    Dave Loverock

    Vice-President, Jet Ice Ltd

    (Ontario, Canada)

  • testimonial-03

    "I first met Graz a number of years ago and during our first few meetings together, Graz’s passion for the game of hockey became quite evident.

    Being an avid goalie himself with many years of playing experience, Graz became fascinated with the appearance and function of hockey net frame – he wanted them to look and function at a more Professional level. After several months of sit down discussions regarding design ideas, Graz provided me with some final working prototypes for my facilities.

    From the first moment I saw the hockey nets I was very pleased and impressed to see how they looked and functioned – you could tell that Graz put a lot of good thought and passion into their design.

    The wear plate makes sense to me from a longevity stand point which increases the lifespan of the frame and the removal of the center bar support makes sense to me from a safety stand point for players. Both of these ideas are innovative and are a great asset.

    The square tubing and the extra row of bottom ribbing adds extra value to help protect the mesh from getting cut – this is just another fantastic idea.

    I my opinion, I believe Graz has designed a product that makes a great deal of sense and adds great value."

    Chris Sutton

    Supervisor of Facility Operations - Arenas

    Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

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